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Mcnamara Place,, Redbank Plains, QUEENSLAND (QLD) 4301

Beautiful hair is your crowning glory, and as such many people use hair as an expression of personality, thoughts, mood and beliefs. To most, well maintained hair is an instant confidence boost. At Fro & Proud we believe in using natures’ best ingredients to promote healthy hair care practices. Our products are made from the finest that nature has to offer, pure botanical oils that have been extracted from plants, seeds and flowers. Packed with vitamins, proteins, minerals and fatty acids. These ingredients are carefully sourced and combined to create the highest quality products you will cherish. Our products will help you maintain beautiful looking hair in between your salon visits, leaving your hair soft, moisturised and easy to style.

Whether hair is wavy, curly, kinky or coily, coloured or natural, Be bold, Be beautiful and Be the best You that you can be with Fro & Proud..

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